Content Strategy Components

The 5 Components of a Successful Content Strategy

Our team creates content strategies that drive results for our clients. We’ve defined what a top-tier content strategy looks like, and I’ll share our framework in this article. But first … How do most content marketing agencies build content strategies? Most agencies take a very similar approach to building content strategies: And that’s it — […]

content marketing vs seo

Content Marketing vs. SEO (and Why They Work Best Together)

Deciding how to spend your marketing budget is difficult, especially during a recession. Content marketing and SEO are the best options for many businesses, but some people don’t actually know the difference, making it hard to choose. The truth is that you might not need to choose. There’s a big overlap between these digital marketing […]

SEO principles, as shown through a road trip

SEO Principles, As Explained Through Road Trips

You can do hundreds of things to bring in more customers through search engine optimization. Link building, Title tag optimizations, Site speed optimization, Internal link optimizations, just to name a few. The number of considerations can overwhelm even the most experienced SEOs. I started in SEO back in 2012. Since then, I’ve taught SEO to […]

SEO Statistics

45 Mind-Bottling SEO Stats for 2024

Yes, we did just say mind-bottling. While many believe that SEO is dead (enough that 250 people search for that exact phrase every month), the reality is that it’s still very much alive, and we have the statistics to prove it. Sure, Google has made it very difficult to cheat the system, but that’s forced […]

Accountant working at desk

The Accountant’s Guide to SEO

As an accountant, you probably already know how much business your website and online presence can generate for your firm. From independent tax preparers to large-scale accounting firms, everyone in your business can benefit from being active online. If you’re not growing your business through online searches and high-ranking Google search results, it could be […]

Young cooking african man speaker talking on digital camera recording vlog. African male vlogger or shooting blog filming reportage advertising video, coaching.

Our Affiliate Marketing Roadmap: How to Get Started

Affiliate marketing can take your earning potential to the next level. In fact, it’s s now responsible for driving 16% of online sales in a world where 81% of consumers research products before buying. The question is: How will your business take advantage of an affiliate income stream? Well, here’s our step-by-step affiliate marketing roadmap for beginners — […]

Aerial view of highway traffic

A Comprehensive Intro to SEO

The term “search engine optimization” gets thrown around a lot in conversations about digital marketing. But many people still don’t understand what it means or why it’s so valuable. So let us break it down (and answer some other common questions about SEO while we’re at it).

Benefits of content marketing

13 Unique Benefits of Content Marketing

It seems like advertisements are everywhere nowadays. Whether blocking us from watching a YouTube video or masquerading as blog articles with titles like “The 11 Secrets to Be Better at X [#4 Will BLOW Your Mind]”, advertisements are becoming harder and harder to run away from.

How blogging drives sales

The Purpose of a Blog: How Blogging Drives Sales

We tell businesses every day that blogging is going to be the best way to scale their business. But why should they listen to us? Sure, we practice what we preach – blogging is the central focus of Inter’s own digital marketing efforts. But why should you trust us? Case studies and customer reviews aside, blogging is the fastest […]

Scrabble pieces standing on the edge of a table that spell out the acronym "SEO"

Which SEO Benchmark Metrics Should You Track?

Search engine optimization is great because you can measure every aspect of it. However, the abundance of data can leave you wondering what’s actually important. Which SEO benchmark metrics do you need to pay attention to? Keep reading for answers.