Content Marketing Case Study: Helping Streamline Grow 284.4% (in 9 Months)

Streamline came to us looking to take their growth to the next level. See the content strategy that led to 284.4% growth in 9 months.

Content Marketing Case Study

Streamline came to us looking to take their growth to the next level. Prior to working together, they were seeing a steady flow of referral business and saw a 10% website traffic growth in the first half of 2019.

For those who aren’t familiar: Streamline is a performance marketing agency that helps large brands to build and maintain influencer and affiliate relationships to maximize sales.

They had dabbled in content marketing but hadn’t yet seen traction from their content efforts. We came into the equation to help turn that around.

We started working together in July 2019. Here’s what we accomplished over the next nine months.

Our Content Strategy

Despite having a strong brand and impressive client list, Streamline’s lack of site authority was making it difficult to rank for search queries that their customers were looking for.

At the time that we started working together, Streamline had 31 root domain backlinks, while competitors ranged from 200-1,200 domain backlinks.

Link building would be a large component of our efforts. However, we also needed to target low-competition ranking opportunities that competitors hadn’t yet uncovered.


We kicked off the relationship with a variant of our Rapid Growth Content Marketing Service – focusing on a hybrid of blogging and link building to maximize ranking potential.

Our content efforts largely targeted Awareness Content with the goal being to build enough authority to these articles that they would:

  1. Drive significant increases in qualified website visitors
  2. (Directly) send more qualified visitors to Streamline’s service page
  3. Generate additional backlinks on autopilot, and funnel a portion of that link juice to more valuable pages on the Streamline website

(more on how blogging drives sales here)

By the end of the second month, our efforts were already starting to gain traction. New articles began to rise to the top twenty positions on Google for valuable keyword opportunities, and traffic was already starting to grow.

To maximize the ROI of our efforts, we called in some help from Interweb to incorporate some conversion rate optimization (CRO) initiatives.

Interweb overlaid the top-performing pages on the current website with heatmap tracking. Doing so provided us with user click, scroll, and movement behaviors that we used to inform our CRO initiatives.

Streamline CRO Initiatives

Our main goal with the redesign was to drive as many qualified leads as possible to schedule a demo with Streamline’s analytics dashboard. We incorporated screenshots of the dashboard in the most viewed areas of the site, which happened to be above the fold on the home and services pages. We also incorporated calls-to-action to schedule a demo, with a lightbox lead generation form to ensure a more seamless submission process for users.

Streamline New Content Marketing Contact Form

Need help convincing your boss to invest in content marketing? We’ve got you covered.

Content Marketing Results

Streamline’s results have been phenomenal. As of April 2020, here’s a look at what we’ve achieved together:

Organic Traffic Growth

Over the course of the relationship, Streamline saw a 161% increase in total website traffic.

To add to this, Streamline saw a 284.4% increase in organic traffic.

Content Marketing Growth in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Screenshot of Streamline's Business Growth

Sales Growth

On top of this traffic improvement, Streamline saw a 388% increase in form submissions since Interweb implemented CRO initiatives within the homepage, services, and lead capture form in September (9 -> 43).

Target Keyword Ranking Changes

At the start of every new relationship, we take time to identify the primary keywords that we will focus on ranking for.

This consists of commercial intent keywords (phrases that are very likely to result in customers – ex. “buy pizza”) and research-centric keywords (ex. “what are the main ingredients in pizza”). We monitor the progress of those rankings and share them with clients on a weekly basis.

As of April 1st, here’s a look at how we’re performing:

Keyword ranking growth from content marketing services

SEMRush, our primary keyword tracking tool, provides a keyword visibility score (above). This gives a quick overview of how those target keyword rankings change over time.

We’ve also included a breakdown of how Streamline’s ranking changed over time for their individual keyword targets:

Streamline SEO Results

Taken from a different angle:

  • Before working together, Streamline ranked in the top twenty positions on Google for one of these keywords and ranked in the top 100 positions for three keywords. Nine months later, they ranked in the top twenty positions for all 19 of these keywords.
  • Before working together, Streamline ranked in the top ten positions on Google for one of these keywords. Nine months later, we ranked in the top ten positions for 15 of these high-value keywords.

If we were able to achieve this for Streamline with our Rapid Growth Content Marketing service, imagine what we could help you achieve.

Ready to get serious about growing your business? Learn more about our content marketing services, or fill out our contact form to see if we’re the right partner for you.

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Content Marketing Case Study: Helping Streamline Grow 284.4% (in 9 Months)