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We're giving you our proven framework to scale your content marketing ROI — for free. In this guide, we walk you through the framework that has enabled our team to help over 100 businesses of all sizes to exponentially grow their customer base.

How to find a niche topic to write about
How to find your first 3 months of blog topics (in under 1 hour)
How to write your first blog post
Intergrowth Content Marketing Playbook
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Learn a proven method to scale your business — all in five easy-to-digest chapters.
How to find a niche topic to write about
How to skyrocket the visibility of your first blog post
Reviewing your progress and scaling what worked
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How does SEO work?
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Search engines look at three primary factors when trying to understand all of the websites in their index: authority, relevancy, and crawlability.

Authority is a measure of how reputable your website is in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Relevancy helps Google to understand what your website is about so it can send the right people to your website. Crawlability is the ease at which search engines can access areas of your site.

If you type “cars” into Google, Google will sift through trillions of web pages and order them based on how trustworthy they are, and how relevant they are to “cars.” SEO is all about helping Google to better understand your website, while also increasing your authority so you start appearing for the search terms that are most valuable to your business.

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